Our latest custom St Francis piece will feature Rosie and Cooper. Two amazing dogs and best friends. Here they are looking out the window.

We begin with a sketch to see what St Francis, Rosie and Cooper will look like together in a scene. At this point it's just my imagination...

Next we bigin with rough cutting and shaping the 3 figures. As I begin working with the wood and figures sometime the design changes a little bit from the concept sketch. Here are the 3 figures (very rough) - lots of work to do.

More - progress - a little more shaping on the figures and I have added the ears and tail on Rosie and Cooper. The ears and tail are made of leather. The next step is initial painting. 

Now we have the first coats of paint on the 3 figures. After the paint dires I will being adding details, St Francis face, hands, the robes, as well as Rosie and Coopers features. The lttile white dog is now white but she is more of a 'champagne' color which I will modify as I add details. 

More progress on the figures! I have a good sense now of the way I am going to group the 3 figures. I've added some details to the figure of St Francis and the 2 dogs. St Francis needs some feet and sandals and a nice calm face. Stay tuned.

Finally the pieces come together with the 3 figures positioned on a piece of driftwood.